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Spoken English


English is a lingua franca: a bridge language. After globalization many MNCs have found their way to India. People here know English but to work with MNCs or any private sector enterprise, you need to have command over English language. We are here to facilitate your language skills for better performance.

Despite the fact that English is a global language most people are aware of only 35% of the words that comprise the language. For a good command over any language one should have sound knowledge of grammar, ample vocabulary along with excellent power of expression and articulation. IELTS The Brits is a one stop solution for all your English needs. Come, experience the difference in training methodology and excel in the language. With the right course, skilled trainers, and an encouraging environment you can combine an important part of your career plan with an experience you will always cherish.




This course is for the students who are in job and lack in communication, writing and telephone skills. They may also need to improve on Business etiquette.

Key Features

  • Organizing thoughts and ideas
  • How to make your content precise and powerful
  • Business terminology and vocabulary
  • Drafting official letters
  • Preparation of quotations for business proposals
  • Developing e-mail etiquette


Basic course is basically meant for those students who are not new to English Language; instead they have poor knowledge of grammar and form incorrect sentences. They make sentences with wrong tenses. Vocabulary is weak in these students.

Key Features

  • Improve accuracy in Grammar
  • Expand vocabulary
  • Development of reading skills
  • Correct pronunciation
  • Art of Conversation
  • Audio sessions for effective listening
  • Communication in English in day to day situations


This course is for the students who are with us for 6 months or longer. This is combination of basic and advance spoken English course. This course helps in continuous progress of the student.

Key Features

  • Basic Course
  • Advance Course