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The course is designed to give an opportunity to the undergraduate student to get acquainted with Tally Accounting Software. This course caters to the vocational needs of the students and is concurrent with the syllabus covered by the Universities.



Accounting With Tally

  • Accounting Basics
  • Understanding Ledgers & Groups
  • Understanding Voucher Types
  • Entering:
    • Sales & Purchase
    • Payments & Receipts
    • Contra & Adjustments
    • Debit & Credit Notes
  • Reports :
    • Printing – Exporting – Mailing
  • Bank Reconciliation & Printing Cheque

*Tally ERP 9 : Software Details

Tally ERP 9 is one of the best accounting software in India. Many accounting professionals from other countries also use it. It is a feature rich software. Tally 7.2 and Tally 9 are the older version of This software. Tally ERP 9 is the latest version of this software.  It has excellent features to allocate all types of accounting entries very easily. The use of the software is not limited for accounting purpose only. You can also manage inventory with the software, because it has excellent features for inventory management. This software also allows to manage taxation and payroll entries very easily.

*Tally ERP 9 : Price Details

It is a very affordable accounting software. The latest prices of Tally software are near about Rs. 18000 for single user and Rs. 54000 for multi user in India. You may also get Tally ERP 9 on rent. Quarterly rent charges for single user is Rs. 1800 and for multi user is Rs. 5400 in India.

*Free Tally Download and Purchase Details

Free Tally download is available at the website of Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.. Free download is an educational version. It may be used to learn the software. You can purchase Tally from tally partners. You may also purchase it on-line through the authorised website of the company.