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Web Designing

Duration: 6 Month

TheBrits institute is the best Web Designing institute Kharar providing advanced level Web Designing course in Kharar for those students who want to make career as a website designer. Website Designing institute Kharar covers the technicalities of building responsive sites and is intended for web developers. To create the most of this course, make sure you first understand everything enclosed in Responsive Web Design. We at TheBrits institute is the best institute for web designing Course in Kharar providing 100% job oriented Responsive Web designing training Kharar. In this program you will learn how to design websites by using latest technologies in web designing.


Module:1 (Adobe Photoshop)

Adobe Photoshop is a very popular image editing software. It works with all type of raster images. This software is useful to create, alter, edit and mix images. It comes with some drawing tools also. It is useful for graphic designers, web designers, DTP operators and all other persons who work with images and designs

Module:2 (CorelDraw)

CorelDraw is a very popular graphics designing software. It comes with lots of features to complete all types of drawings and designs. With the help of this software you can draw anything what you can imagine. This software is also useful to design simple page layouts. You can also get some help to design webpage with this software. Here, you can create webpage design to trace image when you actually design it with HTML..

Module: 3 (HTML, HMTL5, CSS & CSS3 )

HTML is a mark-up language to design webpage. With the help of HTML, you can create basic and static web pages. When a web browser opens a webpage it displays content of webpage according to HTML Tags. Cascading style sheet (CSS) is used to make advance formatting of web pages. CSS can dynamically format web pages.

Module:4 (JavaScript or jQuiry)

JavaScript is used to put dynamism in static webpage. JavaScript allows you to precisely format, decorate, and position the content in your web page. You can also create documents that change themselves, or in response to user interaction with JavaScript. JavaScript is also useful to have in line animations in Web Pages. And jQuiry is library of JavaScript it done all the what we have done in JavaScript.

Module:5 (Adobe Dreamweaver)

Adobe Dreamweaver is the leader of all software to design webpage. You can use this software to design all kind of web pages. With the help of this software you can design webpage just like you design page layouts in word or other designing software.

Module:6 (Bootstrap)

Bootstrap using simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you’ll be taught how to put together a responsive, interactive, and highly appealing web page, all built on top of the free, open-source framework of Twitter Bootstrap.

Module:7 (Project Work)